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The Five Safety levels

We provide locking solutions across various safety levels to ensure optimum safety.

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Safety Level 1 Basic security

At this safety level, locks come with conventional mechanical locking systems, including levers, wafers, tumblers and single-row pin-cylinder technologies.

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Safety Level 2 Ultra technology

This safety level ensures that locks have highly precise computerised dimple keys with advanced multi-row pin-cylinder technology.

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Safety Level 3 EXS technology

Advanced, angular multi-row pin-cylinder technology is the signature of this safety level. The maximum number of combinations it provides is up to 2 billion.

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Safety Level 4 EVVA 3KS technology

Godrej EVVA is the highest level safety in mechanical locks. It comes with the revolutionary 3 Curve system with floating pin, side bars and locking bar. Maximum combinations that can be achieved is 30 trillion.

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Safety Level 5 i-Secure

Godrej Electronic Locks are based on virtual networks which function through access control systems and has combinations up to 200 trillion.

Home Safety Tips

Even the best lock in the world is of absolutely no significance if fitted on a weak door. Make sure that the door you choose is of good quality and at least 35 mm thick to accommodate a good quality lock and fittings.

For your home safety, recheck the door quality. The door frame is as important as your door. Make sure it is of good quality and all the fitments are done properly.

Research shows that 31% of people keep their keys near windows or doors of their home. Avoid this! Keep your keys away from easy access areas

Stats say that more than 11% of people put location based social posts. Do not advertise if you go away leaving the house unoccupied.

A study says that 11% of people use social media to broadcast their travel plans. Avoid this.

Cancel home deliveries and do not leave newspapers sticking out of your letterbox or door front. Request your neighbours to take the mail in your absence.

When you go away on a holiday, inform your neighbours about it so that they can keep an eye on activities around your house and inform the police if anything suspicious is noticed.

Research says that 41% of the people duplicate keys locally. Always get your keys duplicated from an authorized service provider of your lock brand.

Always lock the door with the key so that the lock bolts engage instead of just pulling the door and relying on the latch of the lock for safety.

Never hide an extra key under a door mat, or under a flower pot or any other easily accessible place. Intruders are aware of these hiding places. Instead give your key to a trusted neighbour.

Always ask your landlord to change the locks to your rented house before you move in. You never know who may still have the old keys


Upgrade Your Lock

Godrej Locks now has a revolutionary upgradation scheme, where we empower your old lock with a superior safety status. How? Just call on our helpline number and book an upgradation appointment. A Godrej Locks technician will then come home and upgrade your lock by just replacing the old cylinder inside it with the latest version. All done without changing the lock body and without paying a hefty price. T&C applied*

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Locks Maintenance Tips

(Do’s and Don’t)

Do not try to open the lock with any other parts/ elements other than its own key

Do not close the door/ drawer/ cabin when the bolt of the lock is extended/ in locked position

Paints and varnish should not be used over the locks as it may enter the lock parts and affect the smooth functioning of the lock

For cleaning/ polishing of the lock do not use any chemicals

Do not use any lubrication oil for smooth functioning of the lock. Only use WD-40 or kerosene for the same

Do not apply excessive force on key while opening the lock

Do not use the key as screw driver or a can opener as it may damage the key

Avoid exposure of the lock to rain

The aesthetic part of locks such as handles should be installed after the decoration of the door/ home.

Always get the installation or repair done through helpline/ authorized service provider.