the new Nav-Tal
Ultra XL+.


The Navtal Ultra XL+ gives your home the very best of high-tech safety.
Ultra-strong for ultra-protection, this padlock is loaded with features that ensure a tech-enhanced safety solution like never before.

Key Feature


3 ton Break load capacity:

For Ulta Strength


Ulta XL' Technology with 10 crore key combinations:

Prevents Key Duplication.


Double point locking snackle:

For double protection.

Locks Maintenance Tips

(Do’s and Don’t)

Do not try to open the lock with any other parts/ elements other than its own key

Do not close the door/ drawer/ cabin when the bolt of the lock is extended/ in locked position

Paints and varnish should not be used over the locks as it may enter the lock parts and affect the smooth functioning of the lock

For cleaning/ polishing of the lock do not use any chemicals

Do not use any lubrication oil for smooth functioning of the lock. Only use WD-40 or kerosene for the same

Do not apply excessive force on key while opening the lock

Do not use the key as screw driver or a can opener as it may damage the key

Avoid exposure of the lock to rain

The aesthetic part of locks such as handles should be installed after the decoration of the door/ home.

Always get the installation or repair done through helpline/ authorized service provider.